Susan Thompson

Thompson commands the stage

like a handsome thoroughbred.

Robin Dougherty, The Boston Phoenix


Susan has performed and taught in Europe, Latin America and the U.S.  She completed the two-year professional program at Jacques Lecoq's International School in Paris and her PhD in Theater History at Tufts University. 

Dedicated to ensemble theater, original creation and inventive adaptations and remountings, Susan has worked with numerous artists as director, writer, performer, choreographer, workshop leader and teacher.  She has been a core member of Pilgrim Theatre Research and Performance Collaborative since 1990.  She lives and works in the Boston area.

Silat training with Max Pilar. Pilgrim Theatre's production of Jean-Claude van Itallie's Tibetan Book of the Dead, 1996. (Remounted in 2008.)
Photo by Matt Samoulis.
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